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2013 - Ongoing

[01] A wall of black silence

[02] An object too big to touch the walls

[03] Off-white emptiness

[04] 4 objects floating between 3 objects sinking

[05] A hollow object filled to the brim with golden light

[06] Light emanating from a shallow hole constructed within a void of endless quiet

[07] A glowing object containing neither weight or volume oscillating within a room of illuminated shadows

[08] An object constructed purely to hide a mistake

[09] A wall so long that it becomes a loop

[10] A small black sphere so dark that even shadows retreat into the gravity of its wake

[11] A black so dark that it glows

[12] A bucket of laughter held within a shallow pool of sorrow

[13] A hole deep enough to hold all of the nothing

[14] A monument so massive the earth becomes it's base

[15] A pile of something to counter-weight everything

[16] Iron casts of the negative space held within silenced mouths

[17] Physical space set aside for lingering emotions

[18] A pedestal big enough to place a mountain upon

[19] A cup of heavy air

[20] A plaster cast of a sculpture based on a photograph of a drawing of a painting based off a poem that referenced a song about a blind woman describing her long dead lovers eyes 

[21] Water saturated to the point of becoming as solid as melted stone

[22] A cube of air suspended within a sphere centered on top a cylinder of spinning light

[23] A box of crimson silence

[24] A field of vertical movement suspended behind a humming curtain of deep slumber

[25] An object containing neither memory or past

[26] A deep forest of evergreen cones surrounded by red velvet ropes of limber tongues awaiting the relief of morning dew

[27] A house made of ambergris

[28] Fragmented glass floating above dark waters surrounded by nothing but shimmering light

[29] A wall balanced upon a hill as tall as a mountain of mole hills constructed to with stand everything as long as necessary and not a second longer

[30] A list of the lengths of times it takes for a man to forget his own daughters name

[31] Circles of light suspended within a warm pool of sweat collected from the brows of mothers

[32] A rigid plane, bleeding into a ridge of swollen eyes encrusted shut by golden sleep

[33] A solid spear of light projected through a room filled with translucent roses that are the color of the lips of virgins

[34] Orchid walls beneath lilies dyed olivine by suffering artists seeking fixes of pure white light

[35] A smooth black stone slid between the gap contained within the small of the back of a woman so pale that one can see her heart beat

[36] Monuments constructed of nothing dedicated to everything

[37] A requiem for a two legged mammal contained within a chamber without doors

[38] An analog recording of the silence contained between every song recorded between june/13th/1976 and june/ 13th /1983 

[39] A 20 mile line of stones surrounding a pit deep enough to contain nothing but dust

[40] A room filled to waist level with black water so cold that it could stop the movement of lungs

[41] Light shinning onto a single grain of sand centered within a smoke filled room 

[42] A  wall of spinning ash collapsing into a golden field of freshly harvested grain

[43] A silent hill of oval faced dolls constructed out of wood and ivory

[44] Wheels made of music turning at the speed of shadows encased in a box of wood slates held together with lead nails and glue containing the spit of children

[45] A young child reading the bible at the rate of one word a day

[46] A one-thousand page book stitched together with thread made of the hair of people who died before they could see the sun

[47] A faux marble ceiling embedded with balls the size of giant squid eyes glowing a light so dim that even the dead feel blind

[48] A vessel so tall that one cannot see the top nor read the silent inscription written within 

[49] A basin emptied of both water and use

[50] A warm dark room constructed of mirrors containing one-thousand lightning bugs

[51] A collection of 1000 cheap useful objects transformed into an expensive objects that contains no use or value

[52] A circle of deep crimson cubes surrounding a 10,000 ft pillar of hot off white light burning a hole into the sky   

[53] A turning cube of cyan roses tumbling down a hill of frozen pink light

[54] S oft static emanating from a valley surrounded by mountains constructed out of solid night

[55] A painting of the nothingness contained between the letters in holy text

[56] A pillar of distant starlight   

[57] A collection of objects small enough to fit between two atoms

[58] A pool of still water centered inside a room constructed out of boxes of shimmering stillness  

[59] An object built to be destroyed by the weight of its own reflection

[60] A structure built to contain all of the thoughts we refuse to think

[61] A silence so thick that it glows

[62] An empty field surrounding a mass of iron floating within a pond of warm analog hiss

[63] A tattered moment of silence 

[64] A place by the sea that is far away from the shore

[65] A nameless thing that puts everything in context

[66] A falling object suspended by its own will

[67] A slit in the floor that's also a crack in the ceiling 

[68] A smoldering pit where once a building stood

[69] A field of snow punctuated by pillars of ash

[70] A box built to hold nothing but silence

[71] A land with neither borders or horizon 

[72] A poem to be unwritten by the reader

[73] Something cheap that no one can afford to keep

[74] A murder of salty wet shoulders

[75] Shifting plains of colorless voids

[76] A field of virgin snow white silk awaiting messy child hands.

[77] A meaningless gesture given power through delicate depiction in marble and stone

[78] A grid of white objects placed upon a deep red stage

[79] 4 gold markers placed around a shallow grave

[80] An object in which nothing but its documentation exists

[81] A collection of boxes filled with concrete molds of the spaces between infant hands

[82] 6 million beautiful vessels reduced to sullen ash

[83] A room filled to the floor with white hot air

[84] Something large enough to fill the cracks in the sky

[85] Sun bleached photos of memories

[86] Diaries of suburban youth transcribed into Morse code and sent into space

[87] A cassette containing the unaltered voice of God

[88] A spinning ball of molten lead suspended in the corner of a room constructed of bees wax and cardboard

[89] An endless wall 

[90] A place to put the suffering

[91] A place without light or darkness

[92] An object surrounded by its inability to reflex light

[93] A place built by mothers as a way to explain death to a small child

[95] Clouds of slowly shifting debris hovering over the black hole that was once its home

[96] Soft focus wind collected under shadows left behind by passing red cars

[97] A lavender field of violets swaying beneath a sky constructed out of molten blue sundry  

[98] A pile of rusting steel silently buckling under the weight of its own decay

[99] A document containing the time it would take 100,000 ants to move a herd of dead elephants 1000 miles

[100] A diamond coated memory

[101] A slow and steady erosion of everything depicted in written word

[102] A cassette recording of the sound of a burning record containing a recording of something unknown.

[103] An endless loop of amplified silence held together with mud and wasp spit

[104] A collection of fake IDs confiscated from every suburban teenage girl living in kentucky

[105] Porcelain skinned children buried beneath wet black soil containing a young sapling forest

[106] Millions of out reached hands grasping towards distant stars 

[107] A language constructed out of pure color, and simple shapes

[108] A neon green specter floating above a blood red sea

[109] Residue left behind by passing souls collected into silver offering plates and made into ink

[110] The blackest white one can make without becoming grey

[111] The miracle  that is every heart beat treated with the same reverence of jesus in toast

[112] Something that dismembers the stars like a butcher renders down a deer

[113] Hard light bouncing off soft tan skin

[114] Silver shadows 

[115] The scent of sweat distilled and stored within shallow jars 

[116] The point in which a pole becomes a tree

[117] A line of light circling a line of silence suspended with in a oval room

[118] A drawing constructed out of the tattered line between the real and the imagined

[119] The shimmering sound of distant chimes reflecting off still water

[120] The weight of memories on the shoulders of man

[121] A place in no need of location or hold on land or map

[122] A small book containing a list of small wounds earn through determination 

[123] A small thing enlarged into a big thing made out of smaller things

[124] The sound of one heart cell throbbing amplified to the point of madness

[125] What is left after the residue has been wiped away by the immortal maid that is time

[126] Everything necessary to build a bomb made into vapor

[127] Photographs of children playing in the sun hung upon walls of concrete and lead 

[128] A monument separated from view and the sunlight of history

[129] An unstrikeable hammer 

[130] A place without a people to claim it

[131] A line in the sand heading nowhere

[132] The first words sung by infants carved into stone and read aloud by scholars 

[133] A large unstoppable nothing 

[134] A plain of swollen moments made heavy by the passing of time

[135] Another slumbering pile 

[136] A child's toy made out of conjecture and meaningless gestures placed upon a table for all to surrender

[137] A small brief moment photographed and enlarged to galactic scale

[138] Something constructed to be entered from beneath and exited from the center

[139] A red line wrapping around the lungs of motherless land

[140] A red splice of a yellow sky 

[141] The mangled remains of concrete boxes surrounding a hole filled with what was once a bag containing a soul

[142] A slumbering mass of static transmitting a signal to parts unknown

[143] An empty cylinder made of gold so thin you can look through it like it was well cleaned glass awaiting the sacrifice of young birds

[144] Layers upon layers of static reduced to dusty moments of cloud like stillness

[145] Reducing a complex language into armless gestures and stone faced expressions 

[146] A young bleeding second of unmeasurable bliss

[147] A pause inserted into the melting mouth of the ocean

[148] A glow so faint that only the deaf can see its light

[149] A bullet placed firmly into skin 

[150] Something so small that it can fit in the hand of a zygote 

[151] A light that casts a shadow

[152] A monument to unmoving tongues

[153] A unbroken line that traces a path between every star visible by the naked eye

[154] A moment captured in fine wine and warm soup

[155] Lubricated walls of finely polished marble skin between which nothing, but animals play

[156] The border between two bodies of water

[157] A way to capture shadows

[158] A monument to emptiness that takes up no space

[159] A way marked by a path not yet walked upon

[160] A line drawn on moving water

[161] A hall leading to a room contained within a building surrounded by a field of flowering violence

[162] A cube of air cold enough to fill a basement knee deep

[163] A moment of sleep placed underneath a head of corn and allowed to seep between the kernels 

[164] A walled in room construct for neither use or substance

[165] A silver field of wilted ash placed between two golden walls of light

[166] An empty place filled with solidified silence

[167] A humming moment of organized destruction 

[168] A blank page filled with everything unspoken, unread, and undone

[169] A figure without mass or light sitting upon a chair constructed out of memories of liquid night

[170] An iron cone of absolute silence rusting underneath a storm of falling breath

[171] The moments between moments encased in resin and set upon a shelf in a small childs room

[172] A silver cast of deep yellow nothingness 

[173] A bright red sunset placed above a chasm of  sullen off-white shadows

[175] A soft velvet space translated into solid stone

[176] An opening that is also a closing

[177] A solid gold diamond buried beneath 1000 layers of ancient coptic dust

[178] The placement of 4 lead balls set in the corners of a pyramid 

[179] A walled in garden encircled by packs of tired hungry dogs

[180] An atmosphere constructed out of nothing but the vaporised memories of the caresses of past lovers

[181] A liquid second

[182] A small object expanded to fill an infinitely shrinking space 

[183] A place in which not even the wind is brave enough to go

[184] An alloyed designed to be crushed by infant hands

[185] The separation of the skin from the bone documented in full color glory for all to hear

[186] A diagram of heaven drawn by newly skeletal hands

[187] A pile of heavy silence hidden under box spring beds and unwashed prom dresses

[188] A dark burning figure falling beneath the horizon 

[189] A needle cutting stone into dust

[190] The sun reduced to its core , and allowed to wander the solar system unchained

[191] An object placed atop of another object that has been placed beneath a red symbol of night

[192] A program programmed to program the programers  program

[193] White noise dyed ash black

[194] A box of dried blood used to contain unspoken secretes 

[195] A string less violin playing mozart at ear bleeding volume by finger less hands

[196] A natural sculpture reduced to stone by chisels and hands

[197] The moment in which air becomes heavy enough to hold in your hands

[198] A long hole filled to the brim with glowing red embers of burning sight

[199] A question that contains its own answer 

[200] A unexplored wilderness hidden within frequently used school yards

[201] Claim ownership of the horizon 

[202] White noise dyed black with reason

[203] Five red lines leading to seven places without bending, curving or stopping along the way

[204] An eight walled room containing nine pillars constructed out of virgin light

[205] Squid ink deluded with milk and used to rewrite every love poem ever penned by school girls hands

[206] A painting painted without the need for meaning or context.

[207] A book of babble and slurs translated into morse code and smoke signals

[208] A recording of pure clear air transferred into MIDI notes to be played my 5 mellowtrons under water

[209] A song of adipocere